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2022 Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law

The queer experience of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes is not new. From the Holocaust to the anti-gay purges in Chechnya, LGBTQI communities have been deliberately targeted by widespread, systematic campaigns that can be described as atrocity crimes. The (re)imposition or intensification of heteronormative, patriarchal power structures through legislation and culture come before regimes of widespread human rights violations. At the same time, prevailing heteronormative approaches to reducing conflict and instability, and in preventing atrocity crimes – even when LGBTQI communities are themselves at risk – continues to leave LBGTQI people excluded from human rights and violence prevention architecture. This roundtable will discuss the challenges facing the efforts to prevent mass atrocities while including communities often at the greatest risk, including whether the tools, approaches, and policies are fit for purpose. Speakers will address the provisional findings of Protection Approaches’ new paper ‘Queering Atrocity Prevention’ and ask questions of what it means to address the existing blind spots in the field and identify ways to recognize the importance of centering the individual in atrocity prevention, mitigation, and recovery.


  • Kate Ferguson, Protection Approaches (Panelist)
  • Jean Freedburg, Human Rights Campaign (Panelist)
  • Detmer Kremer, Protection Approaches (Panelist)
  • Neela Ghoshal, OutRight Action International (Panelist)
  • Savita Pawnday, Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (Panelist)
  • Christine Ryan, Global Justice Center (Panelist)