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The ICC at 20: Critical Perspectives On Human Rights Conference

International Criminal Court

Since its establishment at the turn of the century, a central preoccupation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has been to catalyze—through the principle of complementarity—the pursuit of criminal accountability at the domestic level. This roundtable discussion will explore what impact the ICC, now operational for twenty years, has had in certain countries, how its interventions have evolved over time, and what challenges it has faced. Participants will also consider broader questions about the future of accountability for atrocity crimes in both international law and politics. Where does international criminal justice today stand as a field and a practice? How should we be thinking about the future of the field? And what role should the ICC play—or not play—in the next twenty years?


  • Christian De Vos, Director of Research and Investigations, Physicians for Human Rights
  • Angela Mudukuti, Senior Legal Adviser, Global Justice Center
  • Sharon Nakandha, Program Officer, Africa Regional Office, Open Society Foundations
  • Ruti Teitel, Ernst C. Stiefel Professor of Comparative Law, New York Law School
  • Danielle A. Zach (Moderator), The City College of New York