How We Work

GJC believes in a global rule of law based on gender equality.  We know gender inequality is often the root cause of conflict and instability around the world.  To combat this we work to dismantle embedded patriarchal structures in legal and political systems globally.

We brainstorm, incubate, develop and publish groundbreaking international law analyses to generate global consensus and achieve radical change. We choose legal initiatives that we believe will have the biggest impact on structural and normative changes: women’s access to justice and women’s access to power. These legal initiatives can then serve as models and precedents for women and democracy leaders.

Our Strategy


1. Identifying strategic opportunities to set legal precedent
GJC studies historical patterns to see where the most systemic norm change has occurred and then mimics those patterns. This means GJC focuses on issues where there is existing traction and political will and specifically targets partnerships that will have the most impact.

2. Developing innovative legal strategies
GJC uses our expertise in all areas of public international law to enforce human rights and forge historic legal precedents for the future. We fill an important niche in the human rights field by developing new international law arguments that make international law work for women.

3. Advocating for progressive interpretation of international laws
We change the present and aim for the future by pushing for gender equality guarantees to be embedded in new democracies, war crimes tribunals, at the peace table, and in multilateral foreign policy initiatives, including those on counter terrorism.


4. Forging permanent international legal precedents
GJC works to forge international law precedents that equip global leaders with powerful international law advocacy tools, and to transform key public discussions at the Security Council and EU regarding the international law dimensions of the women, peace and security agenda.


5. Moving international law from paper to practice
GJC is dedicated to bringing the legal rights guaranteed on paper into practice. Once legal precedents have been set, they must be implemented both at the policy level and on the ground. We combine advocacy with service, and provide legal expertise, tools, and training to our partners at the policy setting and grassroots level.

Our Areas of Focus

The Global Justice Center’s legal projects fall under four thematic areas:

  • Ending Systematic Discrimination in the Enforcement of International Law
  • Providing International Law Tools for “Agents of Change”
  • Transforming the Global Peace and Security Agenda
  • Women in Power:  Transforming Democracy

We work in areas of conflict, transition, and post-conflict, where the legal analyses of international law will have the most impact.  We push for gender equality to be embedded in new and existing democracies, international courts, peace negotiations and multilateral foreign policy initiatives and strategies, such as those governing humanitarian aid or countering terrorism.

GJC fights to end systemic discrimination, achieve justice for victims and change what the face of power looks like.