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Abortion Rights

Abortion access must be respected, protected, and fulfilled as a fundamental human right.

The Issue

Safe abortion is a fundamental part of the sexual and reproductive health and rights framework and must be accessible to all pregnant people.* And yet, abortion has been singled out, stigmatized, and targeted, including as a test run for broader assaults on human rights. Abortion is not a bargaining chip that can be negotiated for reasons of political acceptability: it is an absolute necessity for the achievement of gender equality. In order to make access to safe abortion a reality for all who need it, it must be respected as a human right.

* While the majority of people who can become pregnant and require abortion services are cisgender women, people who are intersex, non-binary, two-spirit, and/or gender non-conforming, and transgender men, also need safe abortion services.

Our Approach

  • State and international funding ensures and explicitly protects universal access to abortion services.
  • The international legal framework ensures and protects access to abortion on demand and without discrimination, and states comply with these legal obligations.