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Feminist Multilateralism

Multilateral systems must integrate principles of feminism, inclusivity, and nondiscrimination.

The Issue

The multilateral system has been a venue for great progress on issues of human rights. Institutions like the United Nations have enabled the creation of foundational frameworks for gender equality, and in turn, activists around the world have leveraged these systems in their own countries. However, these systems were established with an inherently patriarchal understanding of diplomacy, law, and power, alienating many and contributing to a crisis of trust, credibility, and authority. A feminist approach seeks to dismantle the patriarchy underpinning these systems and rebuild them based on values of equality and non-discrimination.

Our Approach

  • The international community promotes inclusive, feminist, and holistic approaches to policymaking and problem-solving, replacing principles of militarism, nationalism, and imperialism.
  • Gendered perspectives shape accountability processes for sexual and gender-based violence at every stage, and all investigatory bodies and their officials possess a systemic understanding of gender inequality.
  • Progressive frameworks based on international human rights standards replace patriarchal domestic laws to enable justice for sexual and gender-based violence and dismantle structural gender inequality.